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Jingxing Aerosol Valve Manufacture Co,.Ltd was founded in 1995, is a professional manufacturer of aerosol valves, the factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters. In 2005 through the introduction of automated production equipment in Singapore, using modern management tools, product quality and production capabilities have accelerated upgrading of the North's market share of the market has reached more than 30%. High-quality products and effective service to customers has won the acceptance and praise, the product has been in short supply. In 2007 the company has introduced a second high-speed production lines, the company's production capacity expanded to 200 million sets per year production scale. Our goal: the market is, we have much. Venus the company since its inception, has focused on the production and sale of aerosol valves, there is a group of professional and technical personnel and product development team, one of the few domestic valve industry has product development ability of the companies. In terms of quality and service, the company named "Venus" taking "Gold quality, star service" was intended.  This is our goal and also is our promises and pursuit . In the near future, Jingxing company will be a dazzling "Dolden Star"like his name in the valve industry.

Jingxing Aerosol Valve Manufacture Co,.Ltd  
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Address: salt mountain county in hebei province are Thai city road port development zone